Are you passionate about food?


Are you passionate about your customer’s experience of the food you prepare and serve? If so, we’d like to talk to you.

At Munchies, we pride ourselves on the experience our customers have when they enter a Munchies store. We’ve invested significantly in a refreshed brand to reflect the wholesome taste and welcome of home from our store design right through to our online ordering system.

If you have a taste for success, a passion that cuts the mustard and you can bring home the bacon… keep reading!

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Our ideal franchise partner

Munchies is designed for those special hands-on individuals who take pride in delivering a personalised service to their customers. By definition our ideal partner will be innovative, quality focused and have customer needs at the hearth of every decision. Their Outlet will be summed-up in the following; “When you enter a Munchies Outlet there will always be a feeling of familiarity both in terms of the greeting you receive and the surroundings. Whatever time of day you arrive will be treated ‘just like Mum used’…with a clear and warm welcome , a choice of freshly made sandwiches made specially for you, percolating coffee, home made soups and all sorts of delicious foods. The surroundings won’t appear clinical instead one will suspect they were conceived through the generations with the same reverence as the recipes used in preparing our foods. Just like you imagine Mums used …with the same thoughtfulness in preparing the menu as in preparing the food”

Munchies exemplify the new cosmopolitan Ireland while focusing on the warmth of our welcome with wholesome and fresh foods. Everything is clean , not just because of our diligence but through a design that supports cleanliness “without sterility.”

We are passionate about our Customer Service and the Quality of our product, believing that only by all of us delivering at the same level can we manage our business and deserve our profit. If you feel the same then we have a meeting of minds.

We can help you deliver the promise by, if required, assisting you to identify a suitable location[s] in either the high street or business parks. The locations we will recommend will be profiled to identify the ideal Munchies target market in terms of population and the mix of likely customers.


For almost 15 years Elaine and Charlotte have personally managed our Munchies Outlets. With our support and a combination of your drive and learning we will support you in becoming a vital part of our overall strength:

  • We have identified our Customer Profile
  • We know our market
  • We are niche driven
  • We are incredibly focused on our brand
  • We all understand our business proposition and seek to deliver as a team
  • We accept the need to work hard
  • We all seek to remain independent business drivers
  • We all recognise the need to constantly innovate to meet customer needs


In recognising the need for innovation Munchies are the first to market to offer each Munchies Outlet its very own on-line web ordering facility. Each Munchies Outlet will have its very own home web page, with a full web menu, with flexible pricing to meet the need of our Customer’s. Every Munchies Outlet will be able to offer its individual customers the ability to order and pay for their food on-line by credit card or lazer card. Each outlet at its own discretion can offer a delivery service to these customers.

In addition and to focus our service offering to Business to Business Customers, a full credit facility will be available. This service will be fully integrated into the Outlet Till System. With all the supporting business reports available, by a tap on a button, directly from the till system.

All credit card / lazer card payments [ wheather from within the Outlet or via the Web Shop] will be transferred directly into each Outlets bank account and reported on within the daily business report generated from the till system.


The cornerstone of the Munchies Ethos is based upon all of our focus on Customer Service and the Quality of our Products /Presentation. For this to work we will provide a comprehensive support network. Key to this is training which will be provided when you first become a Munchies Partner and on an on-going basis.

Our training will concentrate on the operational and management tools essential to provide you with the necessary skills to maximise your profit and maintain a quality production process.

You will initially spend six to eight weeks working in one of our incubator outlets working directly under one of the Munchies Founding Partners. Following this a supervisor will work with you to set-up and establish your new Munchies Outlet.

The success of each Munchies Partner is dependent upon us providing each one with the necessary tools to succeed and to continue to grow and innovate. We will therefore provide You with the necessary expertise on an on-going basis to help you maximise the Munchies Brand to give you the security necessary to develop your own business.


To prepare our Munchies Partners the following additional supports will be put in place prior to the opening of your Outlet:

  • Site selection and Geo demographic Profiling
  • Store Design and Construction
  • Supplier Contacts
  • Supply of online Web Shop
  • Supply of an Intergrated EPOS System
  • Launch Promotion and On-going Brand support
  • Supply forum for initial and on-going training
  • Supply Operations manuals
  • Innovation in the Brand Position and Food Presentation
  • Lease Negotations
  • Field support and reviews


Applying Online

Once you understand what we expect from Our Ideal Partner, both in terms of Customer Needs and Likely Financial Requirements, and are still interested in meeting with us then please fill-in the following information pack.

In providing this information you are not entering any sort of a binding agreement with Munchies Dining Limited or is Munchies Dining Limited entering into an agreement with You. We do however guarantee that all information is treated with strictest confidence.

Please complete all fields and reply via email.